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View of Bar Street from the Soup Dragon, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Soup Dragon – Siem Reap

“The houmous was liquid; you needed a spoon to serve it, and it refused to stay on the pitta bread. The moutabel, on the other hand, was too dry and stodgy. Considering that you can get bigger, better quality portions at Molly Malone’s just down the street, we felt rather cheated.” Kay and Dave relate their very variable experiences at the Soup Dragon in Siem Reap.

Carnets d’Asie – Siem Reap

“We like to sample a variety of things if we can, rather than wade through a plateful of a single dish each. So we ordered five different dishes. Neither of us had ever had banana flower salad or palm heart salad before, but we were intrigued at the prospect.” Kay and Dave have a gourmet experience at the Carnets d’Asie restaurant in Siem Reap…