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Ngorongoro Crater – a Guide

Maybe it was Mark Twain who said that there were lies, damned lies and statistics. This seems to be the case concerning statistics for Ngorongoro Crater. As I checked my figures for accuracy for this article I could find no two sources that agree. So I will endeavour to keep statistics to a minimum. This […]

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A Letter From Tanzania

Kalisti works for me as a houseboy. He is 20(ish) years of age, an ex-streetboy, thief and thug. He came to me after serving three months in an east African prison for theft. I chose him – and it upsets many folk that I should choose an uneducated thug to help me – and he’s […]

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Flag of Tanzania

A Community in Crisis

Forgive me please, as I am not a parent. I never have been a parent. However, I have, at forty-five, two newly adopted sons. Well, I should say two sons to help by assisting with schooling, donating time and being generally available. I am sadly the only male role figure in these young lives to […]

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A farrier shoeing a horse

An old craft

"This South African farrier used to travel most of the year - including up into Botswana, where I photographed him with my trusty old AE-1."

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Front cover of And Then I Came Here by Lynne Kay

Maria’s Story (Part Three)

"Tthere's nobody who's crossed my path and I've thought, 'Oh gosh, he's good-looking and seems very intelligent and is not committed, maybe I should go for it'. Lilongwe is a small town when you think about who your potential partners are." The last of three excerpts from the book And Then I Came Here by Lynne Kay.

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