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East African Safari

Lodge Safaris in Tanzania… I will try to avoid the travel clichés of “unique”, “off the beaten track”, and “renowned for…”. These tired terms are used over and over again for almost every destination in Africa! The lodge safari is the best way to see this lovely country. Tanzania has so much to offer, so […]

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Ngorongoro Crater – a Guide

Maybe it was Mark Twain who said that there were lies, damned lies and statistics. This seems to be the case concerning statistics for Ngorongoro Crater. As I checked my figures for accuracy for this article I could find no two sources that agree. So I will endeavour to keep statistics to a minimum. This […]

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A Letter From Tanzania

Kalisti works for me as a houseboy. He is 20(ish) years of age, an ex-streetboy, thief and thug. He came to me after serving three months in an east African prison for theft. I chose him – and it upsets many folk that I should choose an uneducated thug to help me – and he’s […]

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Flag of Tanzania

A Community in Crisis

Forgive me please, as I am not a parent. I never have been a parent. However, I have, at forty-five, two newly adopted sons. Well, I should say two sons to help by assisting with schooling, donating time and being generally available. I am sadly the only male role figure in these young lives to […]

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A farrier shoeing a horse

An old craft

"This South African farrier used to travel most of the year - including up into Botswana, where I photographed him with my trusty old AE-1."

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