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Driving in Uganda

Driving in Uganda has been described as a “series of near misses”. Unfortunately this trend has now altered and we are seeing more and more accidents/collisions happening. Why is this? Once this question has been answered then therein lies a solution. Over the last ten years economic growth in Uganda has progressed in leaps and […]

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Going out in style

"'I wanted my son to have an evening that he'll never forget - you only have one matric farewell and you can get married several times.' This sad comment on modern marriage is one of the reasons that some wealthy South African families spend the same kind of money on the end of a child's school career as they do on weddings." Mike Kingdom-Hockings takes a look at a South African rite of passage - the Matric Ball.

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Flags of France and Botswana

One foot in each camp

"We don't set out deliberately to live in two places at once. It's just that when it looks like happening, we don't make a serious effort to stop it. We can't bring ourselves to abandon one place in favour of the other. An East African childhood gives you big horizons." Mike Kingdom-Hockings writes about his life in Botswana while his wife is based in France.

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Flag of Tunisia


Useful hints and tips for those visiting or moving to Tunis.

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Flag of Ghana


Useful travel tips for visitors to Accra, Ghana's capital city.

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