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Category: India

The Fairy Queen - the world's oldest steam locomotive pulling a main-line service

A trip on the Fairy Queen

"If you want to get from A to B quickly, don't go on the world's oldest working steam locomotive, the Fairy Queen. Part of the charm of such a trip is its unpredictability. And the "old lady", as she's affectionately known by some, certainly is charming." Kay McMahon tells of her weekend trip on Indian Rail's Fairy Queen, pulled by the world's oldest main-line steam locomotive.

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Monkey business

Primate pranks take up Stravaig's attention in this instalment of her column about life in Delhi.

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Licensed to kill

Stravaig goes to pick up an Indian driving licence - and finds the process startling!

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The birds and the bees

"Some bees make honey, some bees buzz around, and some bloody BIG bees will build nests (beehives?) on your backside if you're not careful." Some facts of life in Delhi as seen by Stravaig...

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Living on the backside

"Although no stranger to the Indian sub-continent, I am new to New Delhi. Perhaps I should shut up and write about what I know. Rule one in any 'How to write' manual. Even so, the observations of a newcomer may be of interest. Let's give it a shot." Stravaig kicks off her column about life in New Delhi.

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