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Category: India

Moving to Delhi

A quick guide to what's available in the shops in Delhi and what you'll need to pack before moving.

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Sign outside Panicker's Travel agency in Delhi

Moving to Delhi – FAQ

We answer some of the questions frequently raised by prospective newcomers to Delhi's expat community.

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"A seemingly well-meaning guy with a cloth pointed out a fresh blat of runny cow dung on my shoe and offered to remove it for me. Hang on a minute. I only stepped out of the car a moment ago and if I'd trodden on something it would be under my shoe, not over it." Stravaig reflects on some of the more common scams in Delhi, and the economic realities behind them.

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British Kite Mark

"Forget Afghanistan, forget the tensions between Pakistan and India. Forget the possibility of terrorist attacks on foreigners. And forget that they're trying to change the right-of-way rule on roundabouts (scary!). The currently most dangerous thing about living in Delhi is the birds." Stravaig has a brush with a pariah kite!

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The Fairy Queen

Interesting facts and features Built in 1855 by Kitson, Thompson & Hewitson, UK, for the then East Indian Railway (EIR) weight: 26 tonnes coal tender : 20 tonnes water capacity : 2,000 litres (underslung water tank) horse power : 130 gauge : 5′ 6″ or 1.67 m (broad gauge) wheel arrangement 2-2-2, driving wheel diameter […]

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