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Category: Expat Asia

Chinese New Year in Malaysia

It is that time of year again where colours, festivities and good food are abundant. Gigi Ivanna takes a look at how Chinese New Year is celebrated by the people of Malaysia.

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View of Singapore's Marina Bay at sunrise

Marina Bay, Singapore

A sunrise view of Singapore's Marina Bay and some of its futuristic buildings, looking east from the Peninsula.Excelsior Hotel

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Survivor Island – Part Two

In Part Two of his visit to Pulau Tiga ("Survivor Island"), Daryl Yap goes frolicking in a muddy pool...

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Survivor Island

Pulau Tiga in Sabah, Malaysia is known as "Survivor Island", because the first season of the hit television series was filmed there. Daryl Yep spent a few days there and lived to tell about his adventures, including searching for highly venomous sea kraits.

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Flag of Singapore

Robertson Quay Hotel – Singapore

On their first visit to Singapore in 15 years, Kay and Dave kick off their stay by squeeeezing in two nights at the 3-star Robertson Quay Hotel.

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