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Fake ruins near the town of Belek on the Turkish Riviera

News from the front

“I can’t tell you precisely where I am. This isn’t a matter of secrecy. It’s a consequence of my overall unfamiliarity with the local geography and the fact that most of the road signs are in Turkish. I don’t know if they’re hoping to direct me to the next town or a golf course.” Trevor Dykes invades the Turkish Riviera…

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Istanbul: where Europe meets Asia

"What else can I say but that I have fallen in love with this city and its people? Istanbul is so many things in one: a meeting place of cultures Eastern and Western, a historic battleground of Greek, Roman, Persian, Byzantine and Turkish empires, and a thriving metropolis with modern lifestyle and chaotic traffic." Hajo takes us on a tour around the highspots of Turkey’s unofficial capital.

South-eastern Anatolia: the Wild South East

"This is the land of the ancient Mesopotamia, the world’s first real civilisation (that is if you don’t believe in Atlantis), founded some twelve thousand years ago. Embedded between mountain ranges and the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, this region has been the source of legends for generations. Enjoy the mystery." Hajo guides us round the rarely-visited sights of South East Anatolia.

Istanbul: hotels and restaurants for the business traveller

“Here are my top choices for hotels and restaurants in Istanbul. Unlike the usually rather cheap accommodation and dining options in Istanbul, these choices are all at the upper end of the price scale and thus to be recommended to business travellers with a considerable budget allowance, or to holiday makers who seek something very special and are prepared to pay for it.” A tour of some of the upscale places to stay and dine in Istanbul.