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Category: Editor’s Blog

Perspectives on Parkinson’s

On discovering that the prospective subject of a BE interview has Parkinson's Disease, Kay's spurred on to find out more about this condition and what it means for the sufferers and those close to them.

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Flag of Hong Kong SAR

Ghost embryos?

An unfortunately named Hong Kong man is accused in court of obtaining sex by deception...

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Flag of Canada (250x125px)

Canada legislates against rogue immigration consultants

The Canadian government is following the example of several other countries by clamping down on unscrupulous charlatans offering "guaranteed" visas or "promising" to speed up the processing of applications for immigration to Canada.

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Flag of Thailand

Stop-sale on Thailand tours

With the Foreign & Commonwealth Office now advising against all but essential travel to the whole of Thailand, UK tour operators are taking heed - but some holidaymakers aren't.

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Where’s my vote?

The 2010 general election highlighted several problems in the logistics of UK elections - including where expat voting is concerned. What can be done about it?

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