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John and Trish, proprietors of the Celtic Cross bar near Jumilla, Spain

Open a bar in remote, rural Spain – are you crazy?

"'Buy two crumbling old remote farmhouses and open up as a British bar/restaurant? Are you mad?' - These were just the thoughts running through the minds of John and Trish when a property developer friend asked them to drive out into the Murcia countryside." Find out how they got on in Elaine Ablett's article.

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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation Part Three – Yes, but why Spain?

Please note that the information provided in this article is of a general interest nature and intended as a basic outline only. You are well advised to contact a professional for advice specific to your circumstances. Nothing contained in this article should be seen or taken as the writer or publisher providing legal or financial […]

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Buying property in Spain – The Rights Group’s Glossary of property terms

Our colleagues at Overseas Property Professional have reported that Britons have spent £12 billion on second homes over the last two years, based on new statistics from the UK Office for National Statistics. Apparently, Britons are spending £6 billion a year on the purchase of second homes – a staggering £4 billion more than two […]

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Brits and Spanish property – buying habits and new hot spots

A report from Currency UK Ltd London, 14 November 2005 Currency UK’s team of foreign exchange specialists spend much of their time assisting Brits transfer their funds abroad for property purchases, with Spain being the most popular destination. “Over the last few years we have seen several new areas gain in popularity and overtake the […]

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Timekeeping in Spain

"I don't suppose I'm qualified to comment about timekeeping as I live in Spain, where the 'mañana' syndrome (rather like the German beach towel) is not just a joke. It is a way of life and probably an inbred instinct." Bob Fretwell ponders the Spanish pace of living...

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