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Bisto’s Sequel

"Three days after her visit, Sis phoned. She'd seen an ad in the local paper. It was an eighteen-month-old Old English Sheepdog/Border Collie cross, free to a good home. Cross and age were right. Could it be Zsa-Zsa's brother?" Mike tells the unlikely but true story of how his sister's dog's brother became his new companion!

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Bush, balls and blast

"Those of us with any sense have been stoutly ignoring the state visit by Emperor Bush to London this week (whilst those of us without sense seem to have spent the week attempting to scale the gates of Buckingham Palace, where the nice guards with silly hats have shown admirable patience...)" Dave Stock writes for British Expat magazine about the Bush State Visit to the UK and the Rugby World Cup final.

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The Sailor of Sandwood Bay

"Of course, I'd heard about the ghost of the Bearded Sailor. And so many people had said, 'If you're going to the North West of Scotland, you must go to Sandwood Bay.' I was half expecting a burger van and an ice cream stall, and 'Coaches by Appointment'." Mike Clark visits Sandwood Bay in search of the ghost of the Bearded Sailor.

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I am more than just an inflatable woman

"It's not often I get email from a monster. And I would have ignored it, had it not contained such a heartfelt plea. But the obvious pain and suffering incurred in the arduous use of the keyboard with webbed feet, brought a tear to my eye." Mike Clark shares an email from the Loch Ness Monster.

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Maid in West Ham

"The book is very lively, the writing provoking laughter, anger and perhaps a few tears. It's not just an autobiography, it's an excellent story. And it's an amazing piece of social history, well written and well researched. I recommend this book to anyone." Kay reviews Ivy Alexander's fascinating story of her life in wartime London.

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