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Category: Book Reviews


"There's plenty of evidence around to suggest that more people than ever before are seeking to earn their livelihoods in a country other than the one they've grown up in." Dave reviews Canadian cross-cultural trainer Margaret Malewski's guide to becoming an expat for young professionals: GenXpat.

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Bad Christmas - Mike Jackson's collection of funny stories about Christmases that went wrong!

Bad Christmas

"Don't you just love Christmas? The feelings of guilt when that distant relative sends you a card and it's too late to send them one? ... The arguments in the kitchen as mother-in-law insists that you don't baste a turkey that way? No? This could be the book for you, then." Dave McMahon reviews a rib-busting collection of stories about other people's Christmas disasters.

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Cover of Almost French: A New Life in Paris by Sarah Turnbull

Almost French

A review of "Almost French", the story by Australian journalist Sarah Turnbull of how she came to live in Paris, her struggle to come to terms with a new way of life, and her experiences along the way.

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Maid in West Ham

"The book is very lively, the writing provoking laughter, anger and perhaps a few tears. It's not just an autobiography, it's an excellent story. And it's an amazing piece of social history, well written and well researched. I recommend this book to anyone." Kay reviews Ivy Alexander's fascinating story of her life in wartime London.

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