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Category: Book Reviews

Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus

Banker to the Poor

Dave reviews Professor Muhammad Yunus's remarkable story of the Grameen Bank and the micro-credit revolution in fighting world poverty.

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How to make a living in Paradise

"Despite the subject matter, how to run a business or otherwise make money abroad, the use of examples and case studies make it all a breeze to understand. This is no heavy business tome. It does what it says on the tin. It tells you how to make a living in Paradise." Kay reviews Philip Wylie's excellent book.

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Quisqueya - Ginnie Bedggood's excellent account of expat life in the Dominican Republic


Dave reviews Quisqueya, Ginnie Bedggood's account - at turns funny, candid and hard-hitting - of her first eight years as an expat in the Dominican Republic. Compulsory reading for any expat planning to move to a developing country!

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It's All Greek To Me! - John Mole's account of setting up home on the Greek island of Evia

It’s All Greek To Me!

"John Mole's book is very much in the Mayle mould; he starts off with a similarly ramshackle property in a similar traditional rural community. If anything, though, Mole's predicament is even further removed from the urban UK - even the UK of the late 1970s, when he and his family were contemplating their move." Dave reviews John Mole's account of his new life in rural Greece.

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Cover of the M6 Sights Guide by Mike Jackson

Mad about motorways!

"Ever been driving along a motorway, seen a building, and wondered what it was? Wonder no more. Mike Jackson and his small team have trawled the lengths of three of Britain's longest motorways to find out for you!" Dave reviews Mike Jackson's innovative and lively Motorway Sights Guides.

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