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Our pal Atoz, aka Dave Stock, goes on an alphabetical tour of films, books and music

Culture Vulture Schmulture – R

“Hitchcock’s finest (and most misanthropic) film was made in 1954 and starring Grace Kelly and Raymond Burr (eventually to play a wheelchair-bound Perry Mason) alongside God (James Stewart to the rest of you). If you haven’t seen it, go and never darken my website again, you are indeed not worthy.” Atoz (aka David Stock) gives a Hitchcock film the nod over Raging Bull, Rat Pack Confidential and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

Culture Vulture Schmulture – Q

uiz Show, uadrophenia and uigley Down Under are all perfectly functional films. None of them particularly shines though, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend spending much time or money seeking them out. This leaves me in a bit of a uandary, to be perfectly honest. This can only be avoided by consultation with the most intelligent man in the Universe.” Listen carefully, as Atoz aka David Stock introduces us to “Q”.

Culture Vulture Schmulture – P

“We’re up to ‘P’, and that can only mean one thing: shrieking violins; scary shadows in scary windows in scary houses on scary hills, stupid policemen, absolutely no breasts whatsoever (though I still have my personal doubts on that one), bloody plugholes (that is, plugholes that are bloody), lunatics, and showers. Can you guess what it is yet?”