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Category: Leisure

Five questions about Life in the UK – Quick Quiz

Five questions taken from practice tests for would-be British citizens. Would you be able to pass?

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Flag of Thailand

Five questions about Thailand – Quick Quiz

Five questions about Thailand. How much do you know about the Land of Smiles?

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Great Wave off Kanagawa

Five questions about Japan – Quick Quiz

For many people Japan represents all that's exotic - but how much do you know about the Land of the Rising Sun? Take our quiz and find out?

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Cartoon of a woman with broken teeth holding up a six-inch nail

New Year’s Resolution

Cartoon drawn by Kay on the theme of New Year's resolutions!

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Five questions about British TV sitcoms (2) – Quick Quiz

How well do you know classic British sitcoms? Take our second fiendishly difficult quiz on the subject and find out!

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