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Category: Trivia

Five questions about English county slogans – Quick Quiz

England's counties have taken to putting slogans below the name signs at their boundaries to try to drum up tourism. How many counties can you recognise from their slogans?

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Five questions about Life in the UK – Quick Quiz

Five questions taken from practice tests for would-be British citizens. Would you be able to pass?

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Flag of Thailand

Five questions about Thailand – Quick Quiz

Five questions about Thailand. How much do you know about the Land of Smiles?

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Great Wave off Kanagawa

Five questions about Japan – Quick Quiz

For many people Japan represents all that's exotic - but how much do you know about the Land of the Rising Sun? Take our quiz and find out?

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Five questions about British TV sitcoms (2) – Quick Quiz

How well do you know classic British sitcoms? Take our second fiendishly difficult quiz on the subject and find out!

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