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Christmas around the world – Portugal

I love Christmas, always have done. I’m not a practising Christian (don’t hold that against me) but I just love the build up, the colours – red, green, white, gold, the lights, the christmassy images of snow-covered pine trees, log fires, reindeer, snow, candles, christmassy flower arrangements, the friendly Santa faces – it’s feel good […]

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Flag of South Australia

Christmas around the world – South Australia

"'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire''s not!! In fact anyone caught doing anything with an open fire between the months of December and April is likely to incur a huge fine in Australia, as it's 'bushfire season'! The Country Fire Service personnel would not be best pleased to be summoned from their Christmas Day lunches for a bush fire that's now spread over 15 hectares or more!" Mojan in South Australia gives another view of the Aussie Christmas.

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Flag of Canada (250x125px)

Christmas around the world – Canada

"As a child I didn't give it much children ever? I assumed that Christmas was just the way we celebrated it. Going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, then returning to a late dinner of tourtière and eggnog seemed the perfect way to relax and fall asleep. I would have dreamt of sugar-plums, had I any idea what they were." Nora reminisces about childhood Christmases in Canada!

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Christmas around the world – France

"Several shops and small businesses, as well as a few private houses, sport half-sized Santa Claus figures shinning up ropes fixed to the gutters. Next year I'll get one myself, but I also need a stuffed wolf to put at the bottom of the rope to make it more exciting." Mike Kingdom-Hockings tells of his Joyeux Noël in France.

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Bad Christmas - Mike Jackson's collection of funny stories about Christmases that went wrong!

Bad Christmas

"Don't you just love Christmas? The feelings of guilt when that distant relative sends you a card and it's too late to send them one? ... The arguments in the kitchen as mother-in-law insists that you don't baste a turkey that way? No? This could be the book for you, then." Dave McMahon reviews a rib-busting collection of stories about other people's Christmas disasters.

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