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A beggar and his castle

“It doesn’t immediately attract the eye. Ruined and untidy. No car parks or coffee shops. No manicured lawns and flags flying. Sorry. But this is history in the raw.” Mike Clark visits Pitsligo Castle and tells the tale of the last Laird.

I am more than just an inflatable woman

“It’s not often I get email from a monster. And I would have ignored it, had it not contained such a heartfelt plea. But the obvious pain and suffering incurred in the arduous use of the keyboard with webbed feet, brought a tear to my eye.” Mike Clark shares an email from the Loch Ness Monster.

View of "Camusfeàrna" Bay

Ring of Bright Otters

Gavin Maxwell, author of Ring of Bright Water, died in September 1969. Eighteen months earlier his house, which he called Camusfearna and had been home to the writer and his otters for so long, was destroyed by fire. Now, more than three decades later, Mike Clark tells how the Bright Water landscape has dramatically altered.