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Where did we lose the plot?

"The Independent newspaper reported this morning that 20,000 people die each year in NHS hospitals from bacterial infections caused by super bugs that are almost immune to all known antibiotics. Well, that might be the cause of death as a coroner sees it, but every housewife and retired old-fashioned Matron knows better." Liz Butterfield laments the primacy of cost-cutting over excellence.

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Monkey business

Primate pranks take up Stravaig's attention in this instalment of her column about life in Delhi.

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Collieston, Aberdeenshire

Crooked Mary – Part Two

"The previous evening, the lugger Crooked Mary had landed her cargo of contraband. Now, under cover of darkness, the fisherwomen of Collieston put their creels to good use and began the trek to Ward, laden with gin." Part Two - the sequel: the villagers of Collieston attempt to spirit away their booty.

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Thomas Buttersworth, "A Royal Navy brig chasing and engaging a well-armed pirate lugger"

Crooked Mary – Part One

"The year is 1798. The date, December the eighteenth. The notorious lugger Crooked Mary is sighted in the afternoon, and the message quickly carried from door to door. A run will take place after dark. All other activity stops. The run is the ultimate priority." Part One - a story of smugglers off Scotland's north-eastern coast.

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Flag of Fiji

A year in Fiji

"My family and I moved to Fiji a year ago from a small, rural community in the far north-east of Scotland. When we first arrived, my employer put us up in a nice, mid-range hotel close to the sleazy part of Suva. Guests were advised to travel everywhere by taxi because of the number of muggings. It also rained almost continuously for the first two weeks. Welcome to Fiji!" Dr Peter Forster looks at life in the Pacific.

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