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Fortescue Arms hotel and carvery in Woolacombe, North Devon

Fishing for compliments

"Much of the disappointment was created by the great build-up they gave themselves. We thought we were in for a treat. Not so." Kay and Dave stayed overnight in North Devon in August 2005 - here's their verdict on the Fortescue Arms in Woolacombe...

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The skyline of Valletta, Malta's capital

Where to eat on Malta

"We'd booked a self-catering holiday with no idea of what food supplies were readily available on the island, what cooking facilities were likely to be available or what the local hostelries would be like - in short, we were going into the week blind." Nevertheless, you can spend a week on Malta and not starve. Dave tells all...

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British Expat Newsletter:
27 April 2005

This week: Breakfast - some of the different ways in which people start their day around the world.

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British Expat Newsletter:
30 March 2005

This week: Living off the beaten track - the advantages of breaking out of the expat ghettoes.

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Culinary infidelity with a Japanese Chef

"I first spotted the Japanese Chef in Allders. There it was hanging up beside all the other Cooks & Co knives, its gleaming broad eight-inch blade inviting me to take a closer look. Who could resist?" Kay succumbs to temptation from a good-looking bit of rough!

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