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British Expat Newsletter:
15 August 2003

This week: Tatties and cancer prevention; and the European heatwave continues.

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Fit aboot a stoved tattie?

Mike Clark's recipe for stovies - the Scottish comfort food par excellence!

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A jar of Colman's Mustard

Colman’s Mustard

"If the strength of a country were judged on its mustard, we in the UK would be International Supermen (and women)." Robin Lawrie sings the praises of a great British favourite - Colman's Mustard.

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Cooking Thai Rice

"Rice is a difficult subject to write about because every cuisine has its own particular way of doing things. There are many types of rice and countless methods of cooking it. The whole process is further complicated by the fact that you can't even say, for example, "cook for 15 minutes" as there are so many variables involved..." Nevertheless, Kay gives several different methods for cooking rice - and rescuing it when things go wrong.

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Thai curry pastes (Part Two)

"We looked at commercially made Thai curry pastes last time. Now it's time for the DIY version. As well as all the special ingredients (see our earlier article), you'll need a mortar and pestle, or you can cheat by using a food processor and a hand blender..." Kay gets cooking on the pastes for two of the most popular varieties of Thai curry - green curry and red curry.

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