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Two horses grazing by a lonely farmhouse in northern Georgia, USA

My new home?

Pic of the Week – 16 January 2006 by Alan Hearnshaw © 2005 All images are digitally watermarked – please don’t infringe copyright! Alan adds: “For…

A church near Savannah in Georgia, USA

Goshen Road Church

“This is a pretty little church in the town where I actually live. It’s easier to say I live in Savannah, but Rincon is a small town about 25 miles outside of Savannah. This church lies in the central reservation of the main road that runs through town.”

A brightly-dressed clown tying balloons

April Fooling!

“The weather is picking up nicely here now (80s), so the street entertainers are coming out. Many street performers come to River Street, Savannah, GA. (USA) during the season and make for an interesting walk by the river. I was attracted to the eye-popping colour of this clown.”

Flag of Georgia (US State)

Moving to Georgia

“Georgia’s state motto should read: ‘Georgia – where they put the “fun” in fundamentalism’. Be prepared to be called to prayer at the most bizarre moments. I found I couldn’t even attend an amateur radio club meeting without the proceedings starting with the pledge of allegiance and then some prayer…” Alan takes a wry look at life in the Empire State of the South.