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Fortescue Arms hotel and carvery in Woolacombe, North Devon

Fishing for compliments

"Much of the disappointment was created by the great build-up they gave themselves. We thought we were in for a treat. Not so." Kay and Dave stayed overnight in North Devon in August 2005 - here's their verdict on the Fortescue Arms in Woolacombe...

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Flag of Penang (150x150px)

Hotel 1926 – Penang

"We had a 'superior' room which was rather cramped so I would be wary of taking a standard sized one. The room contained one of the smallest double beds I have ever seen. Even so. the sheets were too small for the bed." Kay and Dave get less than they bargained for from the Hotel 1926 in Penang.

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Himalayan High!

"In the old days, the tourist hub of Kathmandu was Jochne, aka 'Freak Street'. But the hippies are long gone and Thamel is now the place for travellers to relax in lively bars and international restaurants." Kay and Dave pay a visit to Nepal's capital city.

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The Fairy Queen - the world's oldest steam locomotive pulling a main-line service

A trip on the Fairy Queen

"If you want to get from A to B quickly, don't go on the world's oldest working steam locomotive, the Fairy Queen. Part of the charm of such a trip is its unpredictability. And the "old lady", as she's affectionately known by some, certainly is charming." Kay McMahon tells of her weekend trip on Indian Rail's Fairy Queen, pulled by the world's oldest main-line steam locomotive.

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1001 Nights on the Ancient Silk Road

Hotel Kervansaray, Diyarbakir Ever-new theme hotels in Las Vegas lead you to believe that you no longer need to embark on a long-haul flight to explore the Occident and Orient. It can all be found within a square mile on the strip of Las Vegas, room service and gambling included. But America’s theme hotels are […]

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