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Stuck in Sutton

“We returned to the UK in May 2005 for a spell and moved back into our own house in Sutton in June. Here’s a brief review of a couple of eating and drinking places we’ve visited which have stood out from the rest. One of them, unfortunately, for the wrong reasons.” Some of the best places to eat and drink in the London Borough of Sutton – and one of the worst.

Maid in West Ham

“The book is very lively, the writing provoking laughter, anger and perhaps a few tears. It’s not just an autobiography, it’s an excellent story. And it’s an amazing piece of social history, well written and well researched. I recommend this book to anyone.” Kay reviews Ivy Alexander’s fascinating story of her life in wartime London.

South Africa Freedom Day Concert

“Many words have already been committed to print on Mr Mandela’s speech: he spoke at length, thanking all present both here and at Clapham Common in 1986 and reiterating many times the importance of global ‘brotherhood’. Reports of his demise and his lacking as a public speaker are greatly exaggerated.” Atoz (aka David Stock) reviews the South Africa Freedom Day Concert held in Trafalgar Square in April 2001.

The O2 (formerly the Millennium Dome) in Greenwich, London

A Day at the Dome

“The Millennium Dome has caused a lot of controversy. First, it was the amount of taxpayers’ money that was spent on it; then the fact that it’s not easy for those living outside south-east England to visit; and then because it’s said to be a lot of hype and not worth the entrance fee. Or is it?” A day at the Millennium Dome (now the O2).