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Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco State, Mexico

A trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Getting out of the hotel and even back in was like crossing through Checkpoint Charlie in the '70s. I guess they have had some issues with bandits robbing busloads of tourists and they try to keep the vendors away from the hotel where they can bother the visitors." Graeme goes on holiday down Mexico way - and finds that rest and relaxation ends at the resort hotel perimeter fences.

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Flag of the United Mexican States

Five questions about Mexico – Quick Quiz

Five questions about a country that's famously south of the border. No, not England - it's Mexico!

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World Environment Day 2009

Held every year on 5 June, World Environment Day is a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) initiative to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and action. The host this year is Mexico, which as an emerging economy faces a whole range of environmental challenges – and, encouragingly, seems to be willing […]

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The Journey Continues… Mexicali to San Diego

When we left the train [see Part 1], after three days in Mexicali we needed to find the bus station to get the bus to Tijuana. This done, we settled into the night-time run along the Mexican/USA border road. The bus was the typical Mexican bus, with an interesting notice above each window seat requesting […]

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Mexico City To Mexicali By Train

I love travelling by train. I think it is (normally) the most relaxed way to travel, and you can still meet and talk to people as you “drive”. Far more interesting and you can see so much more than you can from a car. My wife and I once made (oh dear! I’ve just realised […]

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