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British Expat Newsletter: July 2012

This month: Up, up, up... and away - the children from Granada TV's ...Up documentary series who became expats.

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British Expat Newsletter: June 2012

This month: Alan Turing - genius mathematician, cryptologist and computer scientist who was shabbily treated by the country he helped save in the Second World War.

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British Expat Newsletter: May 2012

This month: Sherlock! A look at some of the film and TV adaptations over the years, including Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, Vasili Livanov and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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British Expat Newsletter: April 2012

This month: Keep calm and carry on - a look at the history behind the slogan, and the impact of government propaganda.

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British Expat Newsletter: March 2012

This month: All in the jeans - how working trousers became a vehicle for social, cultural and political statement worldwide.

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