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Location USA, Location USA, Location USA

Planning to move Stateside? Here's some info you'll be wanting to read before making your move!

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Flag of Bulgaria

The Bulgarian property market

Considering buying a property in Bulgaria? Find out more about the prospects here!

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A building site in downtown Pattaya in Thailand

Buying property in Thailand: culture shock!

"Before I could see any groundwork laid on the site, I was greeted with the sight of the builders' ramshackle housing made out of tin and used wood. My wife explained that they had to live on-site to keep guard on the materials. When I noticed that they also built a small pen and brought chickens, seeing my baffled face, she said, 'Well, they do have to eat, don't they?'" Henry Jiminez finds setting up home in the Land of Smiles is a whole new experience!

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Don’t stay in a hotel – rent a villa!

"Renting a villa is a brilliant alternative to staying in a hotel, especially if there are a few of you. There are many plus-points to consider." Mark Eastwood of Costa Blanca looks at the benefits of choosing a villa rather than a hotel as a temporary base in Spain.

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What made me up sticks?

What made me uproot my young family, say goodbye to friends, close my business and move to Spain? At least once a day I wonder how I and my young family ended up here. Life has changed completely. At times it feels frightening, and I wonder if our move was too impulsive, mad and stupid. […]

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