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Why property prices in Spain have gone through the roof

Some of the main reasons prices in Spain and in particular on the Costa Blanca have gone so crazy (generally acknowledged as doubling in the last four years) are: As the British have seen their house prices soar, they have remortgaged heavily and taken some of the equity out of their main home in order […]

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Essential tips on renting a villa in Spain

"A villa conjures up visions of luxury but the truth is that many villas are old and in need of updating. You can go from cheap and cheerful villa hire to a villa that would cost thousands a week and appeal to pop stars or movie stars." Mark Eastwood of helps you choose the right holiday villa to rent.

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British Expat Newsletter:
3 August 2005

This week: Property - and the problems of persuading prospective buyers to buy yours.

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Selling your home in the UK

"Selling your house used to be a simple case of putting the property on the market and waiting for it to be snapped up. In fact people were often advised not to bother redecorating as most new owners would want to redecorate anyway in their own style. However, things have changed - the housing market has slowed down and buyers have become more fussy." It's a slower market, but you still need to sell up as part of your move overseas - here's some advice on how to do it as quickly as possible while still realising the maximum for your most valuable asset.

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“How to avoid…” in Spain

The Off-Plan Market How to avoid…getting ripped off in making an off-plan purchase You’ll have seen the wonderful images at the Property Show in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow or Dublin and you’ll have been very drawn to the idea of getting in early on the ground floor of this fabulous new development on the Spanish costas. […]

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