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Simplon Tunnel, Italian (southern) entrance

Five questions about tunnels – Quick Quiz

There's more to tunnels than meets the eye - and not just because they're under cover! Here's five questions about these engineering marvels.

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Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Train

Travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by train is much more relaxing than flying. It's also cheaper and doesn't take much longer.

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Rail Europe – 75% off First Class fares in France!

Travel in luxury on France's rail network in July and August 2011 for just a fraction of the usual cost!

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An Indian Railways official with a brightly coloured Rajasthani head-dress stands by the Fairy Queen steam locomotive

Transport of delight

A spick-and-span uniformed Indian Railways official, wearing a brightly coloured Rajasthani head-dress, stands in front of the Fairy Queen steam locomotive at a station.

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Mexico City To Mexicali By Train

I love travelling by train. I think it is (normally) the most relaxed way to travel, and you can still meet and talk to people as you “drive”. Far more interesting and you can see so much more than you can from a car. My wife and I once made (oh dear! I’ve just realised […]

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