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RRS Discovery at the Discovery Point Antarctic Museum, Dundee

RRS Discovery

RRS Discovery at the Discovery Point Antarctic Museum in Dundee

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British Expat Newsletter:
5 January 2005

This week: The South East Asian tsunami disaster of 26 December 2004.

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Culloden was won in the Kyle of Tongue

"I strolled around the shore of Lochan Hakel hoping to see something glittering in the water. Briefly, I did, but it was only the flash of a trout as it surrendered with a final flourish to a delighted angler. No sign of Prince Charlie's gold, I'm afraid." Mike tells of a shipwreck which may have sealed the Jacobites' fate at Culloden.

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The Sailor of Sandwood Bay

"Of course, I'd heard about the ghost of the Bearded Sailor. And so many people had said, 'If you're going to the North West of Scotland, you must go to Sandwood Bay.' I was half expecting a burger van and an ice cream stall, and 'Coaches by Appointment'." Mike Clark visits Sandwood Bay in search of the ghost of the Bearded Sailor.

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Collieston, Aberdeenshire

Crooked Mary – Part Two

"The previous evening, the lugger Crooked Mary had landed her cargo of contraband. Now, under cover of darkness, the fisherwomen of Collieston put their creels to good use and began the trek to Ward, laden with gin." Part Two - the sequel: the villagers of Collieston attempt to spirit away their booty.

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