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Child sex tourism

Several countries, including the UK, can convict people for child sex offences committed abroad. However, enforcement is very mixed. Sometimes, sorry to say, it’s a matter of the government of the offender’s country of origin not being willing to commit resources to extraditing and prosecuting its own criminals.


Anti-Slavery Campaign: a reader’s reply

“I recently came across the article about slavery in all its diabolical forms, trafficking, etc. Do people think that this is one of those blights on humanity which only happens in far away foreign countries so while we feel very sorry about it we don’t feel too concerned or threatened? Or do you think perhaps it also happens a little closer to home? Hmm!” BE reader Jayne tells a disturbing story of slavery within the EU…



“For many people, the image that comes to mind when they hear the word slavery is that of the old slave trade. It is something we think of as part of our history rather than our present. But the reality is that slavery continues today.” Why the struggle to rid the world of this evil practice continues into the 21st century – and what you can do to help.