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Ta Prohm, Angkor

Pic of the Week – 2 August 2006 by Kay McMahon © 2006 All images are digitally watermarked – please don’t infringe copyright! Kay adds: “Ta…

Angkor Wat, viewed from west-north-west

The Temples of Angkor

“The entrance to the complex is controlled by a big tollbooth of the sort you get on motorway toll roads, bridges and tunnels in the UK. It costs $20 for a day pass, although you can save money by getting a three-day or week photo pass if you’re keen to explore the whole place in depth. And with dozens of different buildings to look at, you could easily spend that long there if temples are your thing…” Dave and Kay go temple-hunting, but fail to find Angelina Jolie…

A church near Savannah in Georgia, USA

Goshen Road Church

“This is a pretty little church in the town where I actually live. It’s easier to say I live in Savannah, but Rincon is a small town about 25 miles outside of Savannah. This church lies in the central reservation of the main road that runs through town.”