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Seen in my garden

We are so lucky here in New South Wales, as we get a wide selection of the most beautiful birds on earth. I’ve always fed them, even though it cost me a fortune in parrot seed and honey, and ground mince for the meat eaters etc. But since I moved I stopped it and planted […]

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A vulture in an aviary

Vulture Recovery Plan

"Mystery deaths among Indian white-backed vultures, long-billed vultures and slender-billed vultures has cut their numbers by more than 97% in India in twelve years. And the rate of decline is increasing." Three species of vulture in India are suddenly faced with extinction. The Editor reports on plans to rehabilitate them.

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British Kite Mark

"Forget Afghanistan, forget the tensions between Pakistan and India. Forget the possibility of terrorist attacks on foreigners. And forget that they're trying to change the right-of-way rule on roundabouts (scary!). The currently most dangerous thing about living in Delhi is the birds." Stravaig has a brush with a pariah kite!

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Survival of the fattest

"It's winter. At least, it is winter in the northern hemisphere. And I trust that those of you for whom this has no current relevance, will at least bear with me, and at best, translate this offering to your own time and your own place." It's a wee bit fresh in the Northern Hemisphere right now, and the birds are starting to feel the pinch. Mike gives some timely advice on how to help them survive the winter.

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Monkey business

Primate pranks take up Stravaig's attention in this instalment of her column about life in Delhi.

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