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Five questions about the world of wine – Quick Quiz

How much do you know about the wine business? This month's quiz tests your knowledge of the world of wine without a drop passing your lips!

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Stormclouds over a field of daisies

Five questions about natural phenomena—Quick Quiz

Britain has a wealth of words for weather and other natural phenomena, many of them region-specific. Can you match these five words to the correct definitions?

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Five questions about British comedy—Quick Quiz

Everyone enjoys a good laugh. But how much do you know about British stand-up comedy and comedians? Try British Expat's Quick Quiz and find out!

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Five general knowledge questions – Quick Quiz

Are you the one who's always on the winning team at your local pub quiz? Are you a mine of useless information? Take our Quick Quiz and see how you get on!

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Five questions about unusual words – Quick Quiz

Five quick trivia questions about unusual words. Which ones do you know the meaning of?

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