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Category: Canada

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Network to get work in Canada!

Networking is a vital component in searching for a job in Canada. Thelma O'Connor explains the basics and the etiquette.

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Canada’s scent-free spaces

"Canadian Human Rights legislation requires that people with diagnosed environmental sensitivities must be accommodated in their workplaces. Consequently, scent-free workplace policies have been implemented to minimise allergic reactions to scented products." Your perfume or aftershave may smell great to you, but others may not be so keen - with legal implications, as Thelma explains.

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Provinces in Canada: abbreviations

Each of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories has its own code (two letters for most of them, three or even four in a minority of cases) which you’ll find used time and time again when you’re dealing with Canadian federal and provincial officials. Here’s a reference list of them. AB = Alberta* BC = […]

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Canada: Electricity

Canada’s electricity supply is dominated by one key word: hydro. In other words, electricity that is generated by water power, such as at Niagara Falls. In Ontario about 50% of all the electrical energy is water power which is produced by dams and generators on the Province’s over 250,000 lakes and rivers, with the other […]

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The RCMP is the national police service in Canada. They are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and they are a modern and effective police force. In eight of the 10 provinces, and in the three territories, they are the police that you will see and deal with on a daily basis. Ontario and Quebec have […]

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