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Provinces in Canada: abbreviations

Each of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories has its own code (two letters for most of them, three or even four in a minority of cases) which you’ll find used time and time again when you’re dealing with Canadian federal and provincial officials. Here’s a reference list of them. AB = Alberta* BC = […]

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Canada: Electricity

Canada’s electricity supply is dominated by one key word: hydro. In other words, electricity that is generated by water power, such as at Niagara Falls. In Ontario about 50% of all the electrical energy is water power which is produced by dams and generators on the Province’s over 250,000 lakes and rivers, with the other […]

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The RCMP is the national police service in Canada. They are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and they are a modern and effective police force. In eight of the 10 provinces, and in the three territories, they are the police that you will see and deal with on a daily basis. Ontario and Quebec have […]

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Getting around Canada: Snowmobiles

Away from the cities and towns, snowmobiles are the best way to have fun and/or get someplace in the winter. A Canadian invention back in the 1930s, the “skidoo” is the best way to travel in the bush in winter, along the cleared trails. In Ontario alone there are over 100,000 kilometres of recreational snowmobile […]

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Getting around Canada: Townships and concession roads

In most of Ontario and southern Quebec, the land is nicely divided into squares and grids of roads. This was done by the British Army’s Royal Engineers in the 1800s to ensure that the newcomers would be able to find their “land grants” easily. The modern secondary (country) roads reflect that orderly system to this […]

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