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Category: India

Letter from Bangalore

"Life in Bangalore has changed a lot since I first spent about six months here in 1995. It's been said to have been - and maybe still is - the fastest growing city in Asia. Everyone has heard about all the service and software outsourcing to India - Ground Zero of that is Bangalore." Thomas Elam with a personal view of India's fifth-largest city, Karnataka's capital and the heart of India's burgeoning IT industry.

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Delhi Parks

Some of the green spaces and wildlife sanctuaries around Delhi.

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Flag of India

Eating out in Delhi

Reviews of some of the hotel restaurants, free-standing restaurants and bar eateries dotted around Delhi.

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Basant Lok – a guided tour

Some of the shops and local facilities around the Basant Lok shopping centre in south-western Delhi.

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Khan Market – a guided tour

Some of the shops and other facilities at Khan Market, favoured shopping centre of rich Delhi-ites and expatriates alike.

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