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Tourist advice

This article appeared recently in an American magazine under the headline "Advice For Tourists". By all accounts it was taken seriously by a lot of people....

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How to shower

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, showers are from Triton... An examination of the very different bathroom routines of men and women!

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Proud to be British

Just a few reasons why British expats should be proud of their home country and its glorious heritage.

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Changing Faces 2

Well, since we launched the FREE British Expat virtual makeover just a short while back we’ve been inundated with enquiries and requests. Someone was so enthusiastic about the possibilities he even sent us a photo of his dog! But in case any of you out there were feeling a little self-conscious or shy about applying […]

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Changing Faces

Fed up with the same old face staring back at you from the mirror each morning? Feel your image is letting you down in that important business interview? Try the BE Virtual Makeover!

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