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Category: Leisure

Simplon Tunnel, Italian (southern) entrance

Five questions about tunnels – Quick Quiz

There's more to tunnels than meets the eye - and not just because they're under cover! Here's five questions about these engineering marvels.

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Chocolate Guinness cake on display

Five questions about cakes – Quick Quiz

Cakes are a big part of the British culinary repertoire, so here's five questions all about one of the nation's favourite treats!

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Tower of London

Five questions about the Tower of London – Quick Quiz

The Tower of London is one of London's most famous landmarks - especially since it became the destination of choice for state prisoners. But what else do you know about the oldest Royal Residence in England?

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Flag of the Republic of Ecuador

Five questions about Ecuador – Quick Quiz

Five questions about Ecuador, named after the Equator and the possible future home of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. What else do you know about it? Find out here!

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Five questions about weird words – Quick Quiz

Five questions about the origins of words

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