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Beers and ales with grain and hops

Homebrew and winemaking – Midwest Supplies

Home brewing and winemaking are great fun, save you money and give you the chance to tailor your drink to your taste. And if you live in the US, you have a great supplier to help you get set up as a brewer or vintner!

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Five questions about ale – Quick Quiz

None of your nasty fizzy yellow pasteurised stuff here - we're talking proper top-fermented ale, conditioned in the cask or bottle. Are you a serious drinker? Answer our questions and find out!

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Belgium’s great beers: Part Two

"Let's move on to the more widely-drunk, "standard" Belgian beers: the "blonds" – broadly speaking, lighter, more lager-like beers – and the browns, which are maltier and more like English mild or German Altbier. (And no, there don't seem to be any redheads – unless of course you count kriek, the cherry-flavoured beer...)" Dave looks at more of Belgium's great beers.

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A glass and a bottle of Hoegaarden wheat beer

Belgium’s great beers: Part One

"The English and the Germans may think that their beer's something to brag about, but when it comes to variety and quality, you'd be hard pushed to beat the Belgians..." Dave has a slurp of some of Belgium's great beers.

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British Expat Newsletter:
10 August 2005

This week: Enthusiasts - some people whose passion for their subject is an inspiration and a joy to others.

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