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Beers and ales with grain and hops

Homebrew and winemaking – Midwest Supplies

Home brewing and winemaking are great fun, save you money and give you the chance to tailor your drink to your taste. And if you live in the US, you have a great supplier to help you get set up as a brewer or vintner!

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A Thai boat race team training

Photography School Asia

Photography School Asia offers you a unique opportunity to study with British photojournalist Jonathan Taylor, with courses, classes and tours in Bangkok, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

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Moai - Easter Island's mysterious statues of heads

Easter Island: a hiking guide

"Ask me which Pacific island has the most to offer hikers and I'll probably answer Easter Island. Here, on an island 11km (seven miles) wide and 23km (14 miles) long, you'll find nearly a thousand ancient Polynesian statues strewn along a powerfully beautiful coastline or littering the slopes of an extinct volcano." David Stanley pulls on his boots and straps on his daypack...

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Writing love letters to life

"If you are so lucky as to be a scrapbooker, you take your memories with you as you leave home, and you approach each new adventure with new appreciation because at the very least it may yield the best scrapbook page (or layout) of your life." Joanna Campbell Slan explains how keeping a scrapbook can bring new joys and consolations to expat life.

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British Expat Newsletter:
10 August 2005

This week: Enthusiasts - some people whose passion for their subject is an inspiration and a joy to others.

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