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Worthing winners

"When we were forced to return to the UK in May 2005 but had nowhere to move into, we decided to spend the first couple of weeks in Worthing. We enjoyed it so much that, once we finally did get our house back, we went back down for a couple of nights when we were fed up of redecorating." Dave on where to eat, drink and sleep in Worthing.

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Gambling on a cheap hotel

As an expat in Switzerland I have had the good fortune to be able to explore the surrounding countries with minimal effort and expense. Lacking the backpacker instinct to use hostels, and being too cheap to stay in decent places, I have made extensive use of that most unpredictable of establishments, the budget hotel. These […]

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Flag of Penang (150x150px)

Hotel 1926 – Penang

"We had a 'superior' room which was rather cramped so I would be wary of taking a standard sized one. The room contained one of the smallest double beds I have ever seen. Even so. the sheets were too small for the bed." Kay and Dave get less than they bargained for from the Hotel 1926 in Penang.

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Flag of India

Eating out in Delhi

Reviews of some of the hotel restaurants, free-standing restaurants and bar eateries dotted around Delhi.

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The dining car on the Bangkok-Singapore Eastern & Oriental Express

Eastern & Oriental Express: More useful information

Rowena Carr-Allinson follows up her review of the Eastern & Oriental Express with some suggestions of great places to stay at either end of the line - and practical details on arrival in Thailand.

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