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Breakfast is served!

The excellent breakfast from the Wheelhouse Snack Bar in Minehead, Somerset.

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The excellent breakfast from the Wheelhouse Snack Bar in Minehead, Somerset

Beer, Butlins and more Beer: Part Two

"Kay had been to Butlin's several times as a kid and had memories of the classic holiday camp experience - mass-produced holidays churned out by the hundred thousand, from the wake-up tannoy call in the morning right down to the meals organised by sittings, and days and nights packed solid with fun-filled activities. I'd never been myself and was curious to see what the modern Butlin's experience would be like." After 40 years of holiday camp-free existence, Dave finds out...

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CAMRA Somerset Beer Festival at Minehead Station, 17 September 2005

Beer, Butlins and more Beer: Part One

"We'd nearly finished getting the house ready to put on the market, we were due for a break, and we knew there was going to be a beer festival in Minehead. One of the three remaining outposts of the once-mighty Butlin's empire was located in Minehead - and Butlin's still offered accommodation for smokers. The idea of staying there was too daft for words. How could we resist?" Tempted by beer, Kay and Dave return to the West Country...

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Beer barrels on a rack

CAMRA crisis!

Pic of the Week – 14 October 2005 by Kay McMahon © 2005 All photographs are digitally watermarked – please don’t infringe copyright! Kay adds: “We recently went to the CAMRA Somerset Beer Festival, held at Minehead Railway Station on the West Somerset Railway heritage line. “There was a fantastic range of beers and ciders […]

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British Expat Newsletter:
10 August 2005

This week: Enthusiasts - some people whose passion for their subject is an inspiration and a joy to others.

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