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Fruit stall at Maluk Market on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia

Sumbawa: Another kind of Paradise – Part Two

“This corner of Sumbawa is home to migrants from a variety of islands drawn here in the search for employment with the mine. My neighbours come from Flores, Sumba, Timor, Lombok, and Java; yet everyone gets along famously. Like small communities around the world, Sekongkang Bawah is a place where everyone’s business is public knowledge.” Part Two of Bruce Pohlmann’s tale of the easy-going lifestyle on Sumbawa.

Ferry in the Indonesian islands

Sumbawa: Another kind of Paradise

“I had the impression that Sumbawa Besar would be a wonderland of shops, restaurants, hotels and perhaps even a bookstore. The reality is that it’s the sleepy little capital city of a large, sleepy island. After an uneventful night at the Hotel Tambora with only one offer of a woman, and a breakfast of toast and bitter coffee, I’m ready to head back to my little village of Sekongkang.” Teacher Bruce Pohlmann describes life on the easy-going island of Sumbawa.

Horse and cart by Maluk market on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa

Sumbawa – living and teaching overseas

“Sumbawa is known to some tourists for its great waves and sandy white beaches. The island is not really visited much by non-surfing tourists, which is unfortunate as the parts of the island that I have seen so far in my six-month stay here are quite beautiful.” Teacher Bruce Pohlmann describes life on the easy-going island of Sumbawa.