Five questions about London’s bridges – Quick Quiz

London’s many bridges have a fascinating history. How much do you know about them? Try our fun quiz and find out!

  1. In 1909 The Times described it as follows: “It looks like a monstrous Gothic toy that ought to be one of the side-shows of an exhibition.” Which London bridge were they referring to?
  2. Which London bridge was nicknamed “the Ladies Bridge” and why?
  3. Charles Dickens considered which bridge as being “on the whole, the ugliest ever built”?
  4. Which bridge became the first Thames bridge to be lit when oil lamps were installed in 1799?
  5. Edward, Prince of Wales opened three London bridges within an hour on 3 July 1933. Twickenham Bridge at 5.00pm and Hampton Court Bridge at 5.30pm were the later two; at 4.30pm, which was the first?

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