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Gathering nuts in May

“Germany is a land rich in tradition. However, every land, excepting perhaps Antarctica, is rich in tradition. And even there, I expect researchers have passed their time concocting traditions for all seasons. They probably perform their own spring rites like the rest of us, only in November and wearing thicker clothes.” Trevor’s thoughts turn to Germany’s traditional Springtide celebrations, which also include football, beer and – oh no – German folk music…

Bad Christmas - Mike Jackson's collection of funny stories about Christmases that went wrong!

Bad Christmas

“Don’t you just love Christmas? The feelings of guilt when that distant relative sends you a card and it’s too late to send them one? … The arguments in the kitchen as mother-in-law insists that you don’t baste a turkey that way? No? This could be the book for you, then.” Dave McMahon reviews a rib-busting collection of stories about other people’s Christmas disasters.

The Twenty Forty-Five

“Bored now, Prince Shuggie tossed the paperback onto the cheap plastic table. Like he cared that cheap plastic tables were banned. He’d inherited it from his grandfather. It was his legacy.” In a short story, Mike Clark presents his nightmare vision of a re-run of the “Forty-Five” Rebellion – three centuries on.

Flag of Romania - thumbnail

Life the Romanian way

“Being an expat from Blighty and now running a bed-and-breakfast just outside Pitesti for about 18 months, I’ve had the pleasure of sampling most of the delights the way of life has to offer here…” Alex Campbell takes a wry look at life in Romania!

Rings, flags and bells

“I’m going to add an extra touch this year, assuming I can find one of those amusing e-greetings cards. If I put enough effort into it, I’m confident I’ll come up with a heartfelt template at Imagine my wife’s delight at discovering an ‘I Love You’ e-mail on the computer!” Trevor muses on his forthcoming wedding anniversary, the death of the Pope, and 1.FC Nürnberg’s impending relegation…