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  • Strand Hotel, Rangoon Strand Hotel, Rangoon
    The Strand Hotel in Rangoon (Yangon), one of three luxury hotels in South East Asia built by the famous Sarkies Brothers in the late Victorian period
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  • Being prepared Being prepared
    "I remember not being able to sleep well for days when I arrived in the West Indies. It was not the suffocating heat but the unexpected and scary sight of lizards chasing fireflies across the bedroom ceiling. I was also kept awake by thinking about the tarantula I saw scurrying over the garage floor before I came to bed and there was the incessant noise of frogs, cicadas and packs of barking stray dogs chasing bitches on heat. No guide book had prepared me for that." Murray Watson reckons that no matter how much research they do, prospective expats are always going to be surprised by something in their new home…
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  • Top 5 countries Brits emigrate to—and why Top 5 countries Brits emigrate to—and why
    Find out the most popular countries for British people to emigrate to - and why they want to go there.
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  • How to transfer money securely and cost-effectively
    So you’ve moved abroad and are planning to stay there for a few years or even permanently? Then chances are you have bank accounts and savings back home that at some point you’ll want to bring over to your new country. Or you’ll want to remit money from the new country to pay for a mortgage or other expenses back home. So what’s the best way to do it? Research shows that you're unlikely to get the best deal from your bank. Read this to find out more!
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  • Expat Interview – Alex Shaw Expat Interview – Alex Shaw
    Part One of BE's interview with British author Alex Shaw, in which he talks about the upheavals of starting expat life in the early Nineties, the beauties of Ukraine, and the shrinking world we now live in.
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